On embracing the tough times

Nina Wieretiło
7 min readJun 17, 2022

If you are following my stories closely, you know that I promised to publish two articles a month: one book summary of the previous month at the beginning of the month, and one reflection/realisation/life hack article in the middle of the month. Why did nothing come out on June 15th? I have been struggling with a couple of issues professionally and personally for the past couple of weeks and when the time came to write an article that is supposed to “give people advice”, I felt like this would be obnoxiously inauthentic to give people advice when I am at a moment when I need advice with multiple different things. I took a break for travel, reconnected with myself, reorganised a couple of things and… to be honest, I am still in a state where I feel overwhelmed by chaos and the number of things that are going on. Yet the difference is that now I am okay with the struggle, I understand its purpose. Given that everyone now is saying that a recession is coming, I think it is an important time to talk about ways to deal with plans falling through, obstacles coming up. Thus, I decided to share a couple of ways I use to realign with my long term plans below. Enjoy :)

And what do we do when we are struggling? We book a flight.

Keeping just “in touch” with plans

I listen to plenty of podcasts but my unquestionable #1 is Zaprojektuj Swoje Życie by Maciej Filipkowski (Eng: “Design Your Life”). Maciej interviews succesful entrepreneurs and other well-known figures to learn how they designed — or did not design — their lives. Not to brag but I consider featuring on Maciej’s podcast one of my life’s top three achievements :D In one of the podcasts’ first episodes, Maciej speaks with Andrzej Zawadzki, a man behind a number of successful businesses, including clinics and senior co-living. Andrzej says that he is firmly against planning life out because the only thing to be sure of is being surprised. Maciej replies saying, in loose translation, that you gotta stay in touch, but not get married with plans. I love this concept.

Alternatively, in Mike Tyson’s words, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. I get anxious whenever some minor parts of my elaborate plans stop working out, as I am fearing a domino effect leading to an ultimate life catastrophe. This is irrational as a) it is unlikely that all parts of a plan will no0t work out and b) even if they do, the “plan Z” surely is…