2022 Goals: How did it go?

Nina Wieretiło
4 min readDec 5, 2022

I do believe that goals are dreams with a deadline. After seeing my 2021 plans go all over the place because they were not specific and focused enough, I set out to have precise goals for 2022. Did they come true?

How did I write down my goals?

Plain and simple. In December 2021 I wrote an email to myself outlining all the goals for 2022. These were the things that a) I truly cared about b) could be put into numbers. Many things, such as the quality of your relationships or your mental health cannot be put into numbers. Hence, only a certain type of stuff got included as my goals.

What goals did I choose?

I am not going to give you specific numbers because, hey, with all due respect I am not a Kim Kardashian to share every little detail of my life, but I am going to tell you the categories and in what percentage I have or have not met them.

  1. Company monthly revenues.
  2. Travel — % of time to be spent outside my home country, Poland.
  3. Monthly savings.
  4. Number of life priorities (activities to pursue).
  5. Average daily sleep time.

I would be very interested to hear what would be your guess on which goals I did fulfil and which I did not, and by…